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Δωρεάν Μεταφορικά σε όλη την Ελλάδα για πακέτα μέχρι 2Kg.

About Us

We started our business in 2013. Under the brand name ARGO we manufacture handcrafted ceramics inspired by and based on the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine ceramics of Greece. 


What distinguishes ARGO workshop is the inspiration, the deep knowledge of the subject, the ingenuity, the boldness in forms, colors and designs; these are the very characteristics that define our ceramic creations, giving them their unique, authentic, admirable and recognizable identity. 


We opened our first shop on the island of Skyros and soon after we opened our second shop in 75 Charilaou Trikoupi Str., Exarcheia, Athens. In this location, apart from our ceramic products, handpicked items of high aesthetic value are on sale. These goods are mostly of European design and they consist of home utility items, decorative items and toys—providing joy for our children and for us a reminder of our childhood. 


And now our e-shop is here to help our present and future customers to have easy access to our products providing safe and fast delivery!